Joe Gehrig on the Last Dollar Road.

About Off Road West.

Off Road West is a small company leading off road 4 x 4 tours into the heart of the Rocky Mountains. ORW proprietor Josef (Joe) Gehrig first visited the Rocky Mountains as a foreign exchange student from Switzerland. This range reminded him of home. He says that although the mountains are higher in this country, they are much steeper in his native Switzerland. After driving Swiss Army vechicles (yes, they do have an army in this neutral country – it gives them a reason to have those awesome knives) he says that taking a 4 x 4 up a 14er (14,000 ft mountain) is child’s play.

In the past decade, Joe went on to meet and marry "the girl of his dreams." Joe says that Bonnie, a former naturalist with some native ancestory was what he'd been searching for all of his life. Joe and Bonnie say that though they weren’t born in the Rockies, “We got here as soon as we could.”

The Gehrigs plan to keep their tour groups small. “We want everyone to come away with a heightened sense of nature and well-being. We want them to remember their excursion up the mountain with excitement and to always remember that when they parked at the end of the day, they had always wished it had lasted a little longer.”