Line up of Jeeps at the top of Ophir Pass.

Vechicles / Jeep Rentals.

You can bring your own 4x4 trail-rated vehicle with you or rent a Jeep Wrangler through one of our approved local Jeep Rental businesses.

Mandatory Vehicle Requirements:


If you don’t own one or if you don't want to bring along your own 4x4 vehicle, you have the opportunity to rent a Jeep Wrangler from one of our approved local Jeep Rental businesses. Jeep Wranglers seem to be the vehicle of choice and are what are mostly offered for rent. 2- and 4- door models with hard or soft top are available. Depending on the date of rental (seasonal) and model of vehicle, rental rates start approx. at $160/day plus applicable taxes. You will also have to present collision and comprehensive insurance coverage on a vehicle in your name which will protect you when renting a Jeep. Please check back with us for the latest pricing at . We have negotiated special rates for our participants. However, the actual rental agreement will be between you and the rental company.