Couldn't hardly wait to forge the creek!

Please go the registration form and liability waiver form (forms are not yet available), fill out both forms and email them to us. We will promptly respond to you with a confirmation email.

Driving on back roads and mountain trails can bring a lot of enjoyment. However, there is always the risk (like in everyday driving) of somebody getting hurt during a tour due to nature forces, technical defects or driving errors. We do our best to keep you safe and guide you through areas we feel comfortable with.

By registering for a tour you will assume full responsibility for yourself, your passengers and vehicle and you will abide by and follow the instructions of the tour guides. You will need to send in the signed liability waiver form along with your registration form before we can confirm your reservation.

Trip Cancellation.

You are responsible for your timely trip cancellation if you cannot attend. If you need to cancel your trip you can get a refund depending on the time left between your cancellation and the event date.

Days prior to tour date Refund
Reservation to 60 days 100% minus $75 administrative fee
59 – 30 days 50%
29 – 14 days 25%
13 days to tour date No Refund