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The Tours.

Between June and September each year, our Rocky Mountain tours are taking place on the trails of southwestern Colorado. Here you will be driving at altitudes between 8,000 – 13,000+ feet. As the tours are being held rain or shine, we will choose the appropriate trails for the season and each type of weather. There are 2-DAY, 3-DAY and 5-DAY tours being offered.

Group size: To keep the experience personal, the typical group size is between only 6 – 8 vehicles.

Check-in: Each event starts the evening before the first trail ride with your 3 or 4 star hotel check-in and a general briefing. Here you will meet everyone in your off road convoy and we’ll discuss plans for the duration of the mountain voyage.

Trail Guides: On the trails, you will stay in contact with the guides as well as fellow participants, with a CB radio and antenna that you will be provided for your use during the tour. You will also learn interesting facts about the area we are driving to include wildlife, flora, old mines, towns & etc. You will also receive driving tips if necessary.

The tour guides will have a First-Aid kit and satellite phone for emergencies where cell phone service is not available.